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The "Analytics" of Search Engine Systems as based on reading forums and guesswork, is living out its days. There's an evident necessity to look for new solutions and ways of getting the objective knowledge about how search engines function and what requirements they form (maybe not explicitly) for the optimizers' activity.

Those applying forbidden strategies and optimization workarounds won't probably find this site useful. For those unwilling to stoop to deceit, spamdexing is a rude and unattractive matter. The goal of this site is to perform an all-sided investigation into the work of the Russian search engines in order to create an adequate and holistic knowledge about optimization that complies with the search engines' rules not breaks them.

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The site consists of two sections equal by value (but not size). The first (research section) contains the experimental pages and the second (descriptive one) has the pages that describe the results of the investigations.

As of this writing, the most optimal and successful methods of experimental research of the search engines operation principles is the so called 'unique keywords method'. This method allows for creating the experimental pages that differ by some researched parameter. The detectors are unique (not existing in any language) keywords that are generated for each experiment separately. After the search engine has indexed an experimental page, the researcher would look at the result page (SERP) and makes conclusions about how this engine treats the parameter researched in course of the experiment.


first experimental pages are

start of project

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